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The Witch's Wolf

An ancient tradition holds that however you spend midnight on New Years is an omen for the year to come.

Young witch Elysian is facing spending New Years newly unemployed, single, and soon to be evicted. So she makes a reckless decision and casts a spell to give her something to call her own. She summons a familiar.

She expects something cool. Maybe something dangerous.

She doesn't expect Walt, a wolf shifter with no memory, nowhere to go and someone deadly on his tail.


At the Wolf's Door

Aspen Delaney lives from one diner shift to the next. While wistful for the life she had when her brother was the alpha and her choices were her own, she’s content to keep her head down, pour coffee and stay out of the new alpha’s way. Until the night he crosses a line and turns his cruelty on her vulnerable nephew. Now Aspen is on the run with her sister, her nephew, and her former best friend – the alpha’s mate. 
But leaving a wolf pack isn’t as simple as walking away. Aspen’s only way out is to revive a long forgotten tradition – to have a wolf abandon his pack and take her as his mate. 
James Parke’s path in life has always been clear. He has a career he loves as Sheriff of the wealthy tourist town of Jardin, and will one day take over as his pack’s alpha. His bright future brings with it a duty to find the perfect mate- someone who can bring territory, alliances and political advantages. 
Aspen brings nothing except the mud spattered clothes on her back and the possibility of open war with a neighboring pack. But James is instantly drawn to her and he can’t leave her at the mercy of a monster. 
 Aspen’s new life looks idyllic on the surface, but Jardin has secrets and intrigues of its own. And while she may have escaped his pack, her former alpha isn’t ready to let her go. 
At the Wolf’s Door is the first book in the Montana Wolf Packs series, but stands alone with no cliffhangers.